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green squares protect rainforests

...and rainforests protect our world

by collecting green squares when you shop, you can lead a more balanced lifestyle without changing how you live.

learn more about what’s causing deforestation.

learn more about deforestation

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every green square
you collect

...saves another square foot
of rainforest.

green squares are your route to a more balanced lifestyle, with
each green square funding a square foot of rain forest.

discover what your green squares are really worth.

learn about green squares

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over 180 top retailers

complete with green squares and
1% cashback through our shopping portal

simply click on your favourite retailers via our e-store page
to collect green squares and cashback with every purchase

shop with over 180 retailers

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your support makes a

'world of

our brands pay for
your Green Squares

Green Squares protect the rainforest for at least 30 years.
70% of all monies received goes directly to the project.

learn how to help change the world

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Green Squares is free to join and your support makes a difference

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the green squares story

the green squares story

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blog site

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saving the rainforest

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Green Squares

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