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Losing rainforests doesn’t just mean losing trees. It also means losing the wildlife that lives within the planet’s most diverse habitat. Not to mention countless ingredients that exist in the foods, medicines and products that we use every day. But Every Green Square you collect means that another square foot of priceless rainforest is safe.


Your Green Squares support areas of highly threatened rainforest known as “Conservation Project Zones”. They provide landowners with the means to protect their forests from illegal loggers and land seizures. Our first Conservation Project Zone is called Condominio Florestal Rio Juma (CFJ), or the Rio Juma Communal Forest.

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CFJ is a 43,000 hectare plot of natural rainforest located in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. It lines in the middle of one of the world’s richest areas of biodiversity and is home to an astonishing wealth of plant and animal species, eleven of which are on the endangered list.

Saving rainforest like CFJ is so important because it sits in the middle of what scientists call the “deforestation arch”, an area of land that acts as a gateway to the state of Amazonas, which contains the majority of Brazil’s precious Amazon rainforest. When the rainforest in Mato Grosso vanishes, loggers will have easy access to the planet’s most valuable natural resource.

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a cowherd moves his cattle

(Above: A cowherd moves his cattle near the CFJ Green Squares conservation zone. Cattle ranching is a leading cause of deforestation)

Rainforest landowners are forced to pay for security measures to keep their land safe from illegal logging. It is an expense that few can afford for long. A lack of basic skills and infrastructure means that landowners who want to make an ethical, sustainable living from their forests face a nearly impossible task.

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Green Squares give these landowners the ability to protect their land. From modern surveillance and monitoring systems to prevent illegal logging, to the creation of a fire brigade and the construction of firebreaks to stop wildfires. With your support, rainforests are being protected for the future.

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