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Your very own Green Squares project map. Every Green Square that you collect is automatically added to it.

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Key to the map:

  • The Dark Green Area is the conservation project area that is being protected under UN REDD protocol.
  • The Green Square pins within the conservation area are the specific squares your support is helping. You can only see these if you are logged in and have Green Squares in your account.
  • The coloured pins surrounding the conservation zone highlight issues and initiatives undertaken to protect the rainforest and provide a sustainable alternative to deforestation.
  • You can zoom in on the map down to tree top level. You can also zoom out to see the strategic importance of the CFJ project within 'the deforestation arch'.

By clicking on any of the Green Square icons you will see who gave you the Green Squares and a little about why they support the project.

Click on the video icon in 'the rate of deforestion' square on the right column to see the timelapse of Matto Grosso deforestation since 1975 which is immediately south of our conservation project area. This is why our project is so vital as it is at the gatekeeper to the remaining Amazon Rainforest.

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