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Green Squares is something new. It's changing the world by providing a real solution to a real problem. For the first time businesses, consumers and rainforest communities are working together to save rainforests.  

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Green Squares puts the power to save rainforests in your hands, by turning your spending power into a force for good. Now you can choose to shop with brands who have shown a commitment to being a part of environmental progress. By using our e-Shop, you can collect two Green Squares with every pound you spend.

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Thanks to your support, the cycle of deforestation is being broken for good. Rainforest communities are able to support themselves without having to destroy their habitat and the Amazon’s amazing and essential wildlife is being saved. Green Squares isn't about charity, it's about empowering everyone to create a change.

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Do you want to start saving the planet today? It's never been easier for you to do your bit to protect our precious natural resources for future generations. By creating a Green Squares account, you'll be joining a community of people who have made a decision to make a difference by putting back some of what they take out.

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