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The best way to halt the cycle of deforestation is to help rainforest communities turn their rainforest into a source of sustainable income. Much illegal logging is carried out by migrant workers who depend on cutting down trees to support their families. When the trees in one area are all gone, they have no choice but to move on, in search of more.

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Because people are forced to move ever deeper into the rainforest to find work, towns and villages are often established without basic services like healthcare, schools, sanitation or good roads.

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But Green Squares are building better futures. The communities around our CFJ project will receive new schools, health clinics and vital infrastructure that will create jobs and break the damaging cycle of deforestation. And none of it could happen without your help and support - so thank you!

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For rainforest communities, disease and illness are a constant threat due to a lack of healthcare services and poor sanitation. Your Green Squares are providing vaccines and essential treatments and raising the standard of living for the people who need it most. Lives are not just being changed through your support, they are also being saved.

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