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  1. What is Lifestyle Balance?

    Lifestyle Balance is a trademark of Profoco Limited and is the means to measure, through Green Squares, your personal environmental consumption against what you are putting back. This is achieved by purchasing products and services that have had their effect on the planets natural resources balanced.

  2. Why do companies want to use Green Squares?

    More and more companies are realising they need to be more responsible for the impact their operations are having on our planet. Green Squares is a simple to understand method that companies can use to show their efforts and engage with consumers and stakeholders in a meaningful way.

  3. What companies use Green Squares?

    There is a growing number of companies through which you can acquire Green Squares through. Just see our retail shop front for a full list.

  4. What are Green Squares?

    A Green Square is a square foot of real rainforest, under threat from deforestation. Each Green Square has been sponsored by a business and the funds raised through that sponsorship support projects that are creating real environmental progress.

    Green Squares’ Activities target the problems that are driving deforestation. Natural, social and economic initiatives provide rainforest communities with real alternatives to deforestation, which at present is often their only source of income. Green Squares separates the drivers of deforestation into three categories: Namely People, the Planet and Profit. We believe that by addressing each of these categories, we can end deforestation.

  5. What’s driving deforestation?

    The causes of deforestation are complex and varied but put simply, rainforest communities do not have access to the goods, services and infrastructure that many of us take for granted. Communities develop in remote regions where they can earn money by clearing land, first for its timber and then for livestock. Towns can develop in a very short time, without any support from governments and so often lack basic services, offering a low standard of living for their inhabitants.

    The clearance of forests is a damaging cycle. Once the timber has been felled, the land is only fit for livestock and agriculture, industries requiring a lower volume of workers. So communities are forced to move further into the forests, to clear more land and continue the cycle. If tended properly, rainforests left standing offer a sustainable and long lasting source of income. Green Squares Activities create and support those alternative industries.

  6. Why should I collect Green Squares?

    Green Squares are a new way to reduce the environmental impact of your lifestyle. Every Green Square holds a measurable environmental value. We know what a square foot of protected rainforest is worth to the planet and using that figure, we help sponsors to calculate how many Green Squares are needed to balance the environmental consumption of their goods and services.

    When you choose a product with Green Squares, you are demonstrating a commitment to real and immediate environmental action. The more Green Squares you collect, the more your consumption is balanced; we call this system of putting back what you take out, Lifestyle Balance.

    Your Green Squares account helps you to keep track of your Lifestyle Balance, and by sharing your progress with your friends and followers on social media and across the web, you can help us to grow the community, which means we can do more to save our dwindling rainforests.

  7. How do I get Green Squares?

    Green Squares are available from a constantly developing group of companies that have recognised their own need to contribute to the fight to save our rainforests. Green Squares are their own demonstration of a commitment to real environmental progress.

    When you buy a product or service from one of these businesses you will receive a number of Green Squares, by entering the unique code you receive into your account at MyGreenSquares, you redeem them and realise their potential, helping you to balance your lifestyle and us to protect rainforests.

  8. What is the value of a Green Square?

    Everything we produce and consume has an environmental impact. Each Green Square has a measurable environmental basis to its protection and sustainable use. Allowing you to balance the impact of your lifestyle using your account, which becomes your very own rainforest regeneration fund.

    A Green Square does not have a monetary value to you, but it does have a monetary value to the people you are helping to support through the sponsorship of the business who gave you the Square.

  9. Why should I share my Green Squares account on social media?

    Sharing your Green Squares account on social media allows others to see what you are doing to help save the rainforest and encourages your friends and family to do the same. We want you to feel proud to show your Green Squares total and your commitment to addressing major environmental issue.

  10. What does Profoco sponsor?

    Profoco is the organisation that manages and maintains the sponsorship, through businesses, of Green Squares. They also help oversee the use of the funds raised and working with a carefully appointed board. This board directs resources to the places they are needed most and ensure that funds are spent ethically and that they are doing as much good as possible.

    Profoco are responsible for managing many different operations, including the support of 'Conservation Zones' and identifying new ones. “Conservation Zones” are regions that encompass areas where deforestation is most common and most imminent. They are safeguarded by internationally recognised contracts.

    Projects – Projects refer to the areas that surround the ‘Conservation Zone’. These are the places where the direct deforestation pressure is forming and creating an imminent threat to the Conservation Area.

    Activities – Activities are the ground level initiatives that benefit local people. Activities are undertaken to create a long-term solution to deforestation. They offer jobs in forestry management as well as services, amenities and infrastructure whose absence is driving deforestation. Improving living standards, providing education, introducing sustainable livelihood solutions and new, reliable routes to market for ethically harvest and manufactured goods and may more besides, all within the broader framework of conservation efforts.

  11. Who controls the flow of money?

    All funds raised through corporate sponsorships go directly into a treasury account controlled by Kingston Smith LLP, one of the world’s leading accountancy practices in this field. Kingston Smith ensure that £80 of every £100 raised from corporate sponsors go directly to support Projects and Activities overseen by Associação Green Squares Limitada the in-country Not-for-Profit organisation. The remaining £20 funds the maintenance of through which we are able to raise the next £100.

  12. How do I know that the money is going to the right place?

    We have taken exceptional care to make sure that Green Squares is as effective and accountable as possible.

    Kingston Smith LLP holds all funds, releasing them only in accordance with the strict guidelines set out in the Corporate Charter. Operations on the ground are controlled and carried out by leading specialists and advisers who, working within the charter guidelines, research, approve, manage and sign-off payments and plans.

    PWC, recognised as one of the world’s largest audit companies, are the overall governance partner. Through audits, they make sure that everyone is abiding with the charter.

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