tackling the causes of deforestation

Before we try to stop deforestation, we must first understand what causes it. Green Squares fight the root causes of deforestation and break the cycle that is making our rainforest disappear.

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Deforestation happens in stages: First the trees are cut down so that their timber can be sold. Then animals are moved onto the land where they graze until it becomes unusable. When the animals leave, the land is turned into fields, where huge farms grow soya beans and other crops.

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Green Squares stop deforestation before the first tree is felled, by helping people to create livelihoods that don’t rely on logging. Standing rainforest can provide a source of more lasting income for rainforest communities than what they can earn through agriculture and logging.

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Modern science enables us to understand the environmental value of a square foot of rainforest. So we also know what it costs the planet to destroy it. But it also helps us to unlock its true value.

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Your Green Squares are helping to teach rainforest communities new and ethical farming techniques, which mean that they can get more from their land, as well as creating the skills and infrastructure needed to make sure that these new industries are successful.

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