how Green Squares works for you

By collecting Green Squares when you shop, the environmental cost of what you are consuming is being balanced by the fact that you're putting something back into the environment. Every time you balance your purchases with Green Squares you get more of what what we call “Lifestyle Balance”.

lifestyle balance

Lifestyle Balance means tipping the scales back in favour of the planet, just by making the same kind of purchases that you always have. The more Green Squares you collect, the more balanced your lifestyle is.

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Your can use your Green Squares account to see how well you're doing. You can find out how many Green Squares you've collected, who gave them to you and exactly where they are. With Lifestyle Balance, you can always be sure that you're doing your bit to put back some of what you take out.

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Once you’ve seen how easy it is to lead a more balanced lifestyle, you can help us to spread the message and grow the Green Squares community. Green Squares makes it easy to share your progress on social media and to invite friends and family to sign up.

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When big brands and businesses see how many of us are choosing to make a difference every day, they will want to join us in creating even more progress.

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We have made it easy to share your Green Squares with friends and family across social media.

  1. Facebook - click here to like our page, check out our newsfeed or get involved in the conversations.
  2. Twitter - follow us @mygreensquares for up to the minute news about our projects.
  3. Invite a friend - select the link from your account page to invite people you know.
  4. Posting - share purchase activity directly from your account page to encourage others to do the same.
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