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  • Businesses get Green Squares by sponsoring areas of threatened rainforest. The funds raised through those sponsorships are spent on projects that ensure the land is protected, nurtured and well managed, which helps to realize its full environmental value

  • Every Green Square represents one real square foot of rainforest and we know its exact environmental value if properly managed and protected by Green Squares projects. Businesses then use the environmental value of their Green Squares to balance the cost to the environment of producing and supplying their goods and services.

  • When you choose a product or service with Green Squares, it means that its environmental cost has been carefully balanced. By making sustainable purchases, you can balance your lifestyle. Using your account at to collect Green Squares, you can see how well you are balancing individual areas.

  • Green Squares are connected to social media, so that you can show and share your progress. Your account will connect you with the projects what mean the most to you. And you can even buy squares and give them to your friends who can choose where to use them. When you join the Green Squares community, you become part of a group, which has decided to act positively for the environment.

  • Growing the Green Squares community is important and we want you to help us do it. The more Green Squares you collect, the more awareness is raised and the more good we are can do in the places where it is most needed.

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