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Green Squares are a simple and effective way of balancing the environmental cost of the lifestyles that we lead. The products we buy and the services we consume all take something out of the environment. A Green Square represents a real square foot of threatened rainforest, that you are helping to protect for a year, so when you see Green Squares, you know that something is being done to balance that cost.

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Green Squares turn consumer spending into a force for good by creating a system of reward for people, businesses and the environment. Companies who acknowledge the danger of disappearing rainforests and want to make a difference use Green Squares to connect with their customers and help the environment.

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why companies support Green Squares

70% of money goes to project initiatives

More and more of us want to know what the companies we buy from are doing to protect the environment. Using Green Squares demonstrates commitment to the environment, enabling companies to engage with today's eco-conscious consumer and help them stand out from their competition.

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Collecting Green Squares when you shop supports businesses that are helping stop deforestation, which encourages them to protect even more rainforest.

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