deforestation is a major issue

It is widely recognized that deforestation is a massive threat to our planet’s ecosystem. But it can be difficult to appreciate the future impact if deforestation is left unchecked.

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Rainforests have an impact that goes far beyond the parts of the planet that they cover. They are an essential source of oxygen and they process the carbon that we emit. They give us foods and medicines; from bananas, chocolate and ginger to drugs that help fight cancer.

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Many businesses, governments and public figures understand the dangers of disappearing rainforests and some of them are making an effort to raise awareness. But there are few solutions that create real progress.

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Green Squares stops deforestation in its tracks.

Collecting Green Squares when you shop is the simplest and most effective way to make sure that every product and service you buy puts something back into the environment, at no extra cost to you.

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Companies who offer Green Squares have undertaken long term sponsorship of an area of rainforest and protect it from destruction. When you buy their products, the sponsor 'gifts' to you 12 months of support per Green Square, leading to a more environmentally balanced lifestyle by putting back a little of what you take out.

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